Senior Software Engineer, JEE

gewünschte Einsatzorte:
D8, D9
bevorzugt in München, Landshut, Ingolstadt, Augsburg

Software Developer, Software Architect, Technical Designer

Software Development

The consultant is developing Java and web applications since 15 years. He worked as developer or lead developer and benefits from his development experience when working in related roles, such as technical project leader, quality assurance of software development, software architect or development team coach.

His skill range from frontend development (mobile, web or desktop), services development to backend and batch processes, with a focus on Java, web based applications and integrations. He understands and has worked on automation, build and deployment pipelines (DevOps), as they are a crucial part of today’s development processes.

Java, Scala, J2EE, JEE, J2SE, Servlets/JSP, Portlets, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Spring, SQL, XML, XSLT, SOAP, REST, Swing, JSF, CDI, JPA, Hibernate, EclipseLink, JMS, EJB
Tools, Software, Frameworks
Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Rational Tools, Git, Subversion, Gradle, Maven, SBT, ANT, Jenkins, Nexus, Gatling
Software Packages
Akka, Play, Android, iOS, node.js, Octavle/Matlab, R, Objective C, Shell, Python, Assembler, C, C++, Kibana, Logstash, Elastic Search, Mongo DB
Apart from the listed ones he used many other tools and frameworks complementing the above technology stack
Solution Design & Consulting
The consultant can structure complex solutions in manageable units as well as break down a project for team collaboration. He uses object-, component-, service-oriented software design approaches, established practices and applies knowledge he gathered when applying different structuring methods (e.g. RUP, IBM Unified Method Framework, Waterfall, V-Model, SOMA, IDEA) or collaboration methods like Scrum or agile software development.

Design of Java EE multi-tier applications, web sites and web applications, transactional applications, application integration, web content management and portal solutions. Design with UML, MagicDraw, Rational Software Architect, patterns, architectural templates, Java, JEE, Web Services (REST, SOAP), Messaging, Mobile, IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Oralce Weblogic, Oracle GlassFish, Polopoly, OpenText LiveLink WebContentManager, Tomcat, Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac Os, DB2, Oracle DB

  • Design software solutions and create technical documentation
  • Coach development teams and optimize development processes
  • Leverage architectural decisions with gap analysis
  • Develop guidelines and improve software quality
  • Guide implementation, setup and automate software development pipelines
  • Gather and analyse requirements and close the gap between business and technical teams
  • Estimate development cost and pinpoint technical dependencies for resource and budget planning
Language Skills
German, English, Frensh
Other qualities and interests
Team Player, hands-on, result-driven, pragmatic, clear communication in English and German, loves technology and exploring or learning ‘new’ technologies and approaches (for example machine learning, robotics, Internet of Things, functional programming, reactive programming, cloud services).

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